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Lore and Skills

Phoenicia is fire made flesh, flame given life.

Blood Brood

Phoenicia transforms 30% of her allies' current HP into a Shield 3x that amount. If the shield is less than 300% of Phoenicia's ATK, they gain that instead.
Lv. 2 Increased Shield Multiplier to 4x.
Lv. 3 Increased Shield Multiplier to 5x.
Lv. 4 Increased Shield Multiplier to 6x.
Lv. 5 Increased Shield Multiplier to 7x.

Feathered Fury

Phoenicia summons a Phoenix Spirit that soars towards enemies, dealing 200% of ATK as Magic Damage equal to and creating Scorched Ground. Enemies on Scorched Ground suffer 50% reduced Healing effects.
Lv. 2: Increase damage to 220% of ATK.
Lv. 3: Increase damage to 240% of ATK.
Lv. 4: Increase damage to 260% of ATK.
Lv. 5: Increase damage to 280% of ATK.

Flight of the Phoenix

Phoenicia transforms into a Phoenix and flies forward and back, dealing 230% of ATK as Magic Damage to enemies in her path. She is Immortal in her Phoenix form and enemies who are hit twice become Dizzy for 3 seconds.
Lv. 2: Increase damage to 250% of ATK.
Lv. 3: Increase damage to 270% of ATK.
Lv. 4: Increase damage to 290% of ATK.

Nest of Flames

At the start of Battle Phoenicia creates a Zone of protection. Allies within the Zone have 30% Damage Reduction.
Lv. 2 Damage Reduction increased to 35%.
Lv. 3 Damage Reduction increased to 40%.
Lv. 4 Damage Reduction increased to 45%.
Lv. 5 Damage Reduction increased to 50%.

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