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Lore and Skills

Oxellus is outgoing, young and exuberant.

Chromatic Shift

Oxellus randomly changes the color of their skin to Red or Blue for 6 seconds.If Red: Oxellus is Immune to Physical Damage and allies reduce Physical Damage taken by 20%..If Blue: Oxellus is Immune to Magic Damage and allies reduce Magic Damage taken by 20%..
Lv. 2: Increase Duration to 7 seconds.
Lv. 3: Increase Duration to 8 seconds.
Lv. 4: Increase Duration to 9 seconds.
Lv. 5: Increase Duration to 10 seconds.


Oxellus sings a magic lullaby, dealing 150% of ATK as Magic Damage to all enemies and reducing their Attack Speed by 20% for 5 seconds.
Lv. 2: Increase damage to 170% of ATK.
Lv. 3: Increase damage to 190% of ATK.
Lv. 4: Increase damage to 210% of ATK.
Lv. 5: Increase damage to 230% of ATK.


Randomly create a clone of Ennara, Tamamo, or Thorit that will cast a Level 1 Ultimate before vanishing.
Lv. 2: Increase Ultimate to Level 2.
Lv. 3: Increase Ultimate to Level 3.
Lv. 4: Increase Ultimate to Level 4.

Shared Fate

At the start of battle Oxellus Links their fate to an enemy. When Oxellus takes Damage, the Linked enemy takes 40% of that damage.
Lv. 2: Increase Linked Damage to 50%.
Lv. 3: Increase Linked Damage to 60%.
Lv. 4: Increase Linked Damage to 70%.
Lv. 5: Increase Linked Damage to 80%.

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